Monday, January 26, 2009

Sometimes I forget!

Today I was reminded that what Patrick does is very dangerous. What a terrible and anxious feeling it is to read in the news that two Helo's crashed and 4 were dead (which means two pilots no crew = cobras) and not know for sure. There weren't cobras and I'm so thankful Patrick is safe today...but I am praying and thinking of the families that weren't as lucky.

Walkee Walkee Alex

Alex started walking January 14, 2009 while we were in San Francisco!

Its only been a week and he is a walking fool, thank goodness for his "safety first" attitude because he has great balance and was able to just take off when he was ready


My silly son

This video will show you all of Alex's new tricks =)  He is sooo funny and entertaining.  

Old friends...New Adventures

Who knew I could have a blast out in Manassas again even though I haven't lived there in forever. Its weird to go to all my favorite bars and not see a soul I knew or my age.  Walking into a bar and seeing all of my friends little siblings drinking made my stomach drop and I suddenly felt OLD =)  Heather, Penny and I painted the town red...well as red as you can paint Manassas.   I got to see some great friends from high school and college.  

My favorite time spent in Manassas was the night our WONDERFUL family friends, the Lynch's and Tamer's, came to meet Alex.   We have all been friends since preschool but as with most things time and distance keeps our get togethers few and far between.  We had a great night catching up on stories and our favorite youtube videos.  

Here's to 2009!!!!!

After Christmas, Alex and I headed to Richmond for the rest of our Vacation.  Its so fun to watch Alex and Lillie play together and picture what it will be like in the next few years when they are big enough to talk and really play.  So fun!  

I got to go out for New Years with India and her crew which was AWESOME.  It was nice to let loose and enjoy a night out with adults =)  

The part of the trip I had been dreading since I got there was the day Brandon was leaving for his workups and Iraq.  I broke my heart to watch another member of my family say goodbye to everyone and I relived November 2nd all over again.  I am so glad Alex got to spend some QT with Brandon before he left.  

Luckily that same day I got to see two of my favorite people in the world Matt-e and THE Weinstein (and their wonderful girlfriends).  
My other boyfriends
Alex's future Basketball coach...Matt-e
Alex, Evan and Brandon
Lindsey and Betsy
The rest of the time was spent watching the kids play, Alex take the ornaments off the tree, eating yummy food and one last night on the town with the girls!

TV and Christmas trees...his favorites
Cousins at bathtime
treat time with Grandma
Watching Daddy on the computer
Fighting for Grandpa's affection
Love Hate relationship with Tickle me Elmo
Getting smart watching Wheel of Fortune

The morning we were leaving I woke up with a terrible head cold but luckily Mom called from her cruise and told me where she kept her medicine now. It was a rough flight home for me but Alex slept every minute of the flight....THANK GOODNESS

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alex's first Christmas

Alex and I flew into Dulles on the 22nd and left for Ohio on the 23rd.  He did awesome on the flight & drive both were more than 5 hour trips.  Its so fun seeing family with Alex now because everyone gets to see all his funny new games and his silly personality.  Uncle Mike, Aunt Mary Anne and Julie came for Christmas Eve dinner and it was so fun watching Alex and Uncle Mike together, but it made me sad that Alex never met my Grandpa.   As always we told lots of stories, ate too much food and Drank too many Martini's =).  
Heather, Julie and I
Uncle Mike and Alex

Alex loved all of Gee Gee's Cooking
Aunt MaryAnne, Heather, Me and Uncle Mike

Alex's First Christmas
We woke up early to LOTS of presents as usual.
 This year was very hard for me because I was so sad without Patrick but so excited for Alex's first Christmas.  We had an awesome morning opening presents oldest to youngest.  We all got some great stuff but it was fun helping alex open all his new toys, books, movies and more toys.  My favorite gift this year was a gag gift to Gman, a onesie.  Since Alex was born Dad always says I want one of those when I put on Alex's PJ's, soooooo suprise guess what he got for christmas.  It was so fun and silly to see them together in their matching Onsies =)

I also made everyone a DVD of every video I have of Alex from his first year.  I loved it.
Best Christmas Present EVER
Christmas Mimosa's
My Family =)
Alex's first Christmas Present EVER!
After opening all of our presents we went to see Alex's Great Grandma Rudzenski and his Great Aunt Barbara.  

Mary Lou, Janie and Mary Louise all came for Christmas Dinner and guess what....Lots more food and funny stories about my Grandparents when they were younger.  These Ladies are soooo funny.  
Mary Louise, Mary Lou and Gee Gee
Janie and Alex
We went to see Aunt Barbara again before we left and then spent some quality time together the night before we went back to VA.  
Dad didn't get the smile memo
Or the serious memo
Visiting Aunt Barbara

I hope Alex enjoyed his first Christmas as much as me.   We missed you Daddy!!!!

East Coast Christmas

Alex and I spent the Holidays touring the East Coast.  I actually made an outline so I don't forget anything to include in the upcoming blogs.  One of my plans for the new year is to update our blog at least once a week so that I don't spend two whole nap times writing 10 blogs.  =)  Here goes nothing. 
  • Christmas in Ohio
  • Manassas
  • Richmond
  • New Years
  • Milestones
  • Alex's silly new games