Thursday, April 30, 2009

HAPPY MAY!!!!!!!

This is it...we made it to the month when Daddy will be home!  We still have a LONG 31 (max) days left till I get my kiss BUT we are in the final month!  YEAH for May!

See you soon Daddy!


Here are some new pictures from Patrick

Working out
Dust Storm
Easter Dinner...grilled Spam = gross

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So close....yet soooo far!

The countdown is on.... 39 days (max) left of this Deployment

I honestly can't believe that I am able to say that, it feels very surreal.  I bought my dress for homecoming and I hope that Patrick's jaw drops to the floor!  

See you sooooooo Soon babe!

HURRY UP March 2010

Yesterday Patrick's brother left for Iraq.  I think it was 2003 when Brandon joined the Army as an enlisted infantryman.  He lived in Germany for a few years where he met my lovely sister "in law in law" Verena =)  They have the most beautiful little girl LILLIE BEAN.  Last year Brandon joined the WV National Guard as an Officer..CONGRATS.  Unfortunately he was shortly scheduled for a 13 month deployment and was off to 3 months of work ups (training for deployment). 

Brandon is currently in route to Iraq and made it to his first destination safely, I am sure I will add more updates on Brandon's Deployment.  

Good Luck Brandon we can't wait to have you home...HURRY UP March 2010!!!!

Alex and Uncle Brandon

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter 2009 (our last holiday without Daddy)

I wasn't sure if Alex is old enough to get excited about getting presents but actually had an Easter basket to find this year and boy did he LOVE it.  He ran right over to its hiding spot and started taking it apart.  Later Aunt Joni, Kristen, Mary Beth, Alex and I had a great brunch and enjoyed Easter 2009 with lots of yummy food and some site seeing in San Diego.  

Alex and I are super excited Easter has come and gone because that means 6 more weeks till Daddy comes home...YEAH!  
LOVE you Daddy!

My hiding spot
He found it!
AWESOME books! He loves the Good Night World series
The stuffing was the best part
We did some site seeing before dropping the girls off at the airport 
At Coronado Island