Monday, June 7, 2010

1 Week Diaper Free

Goooooooooo ALEX!!!!

We are 1 week daytime diaper free with only 3 accidents total(all of which were my fault)!  He hates putting on a diaper for nap and bedtime.  So excited,  Alex loves going potty "just like daddy,"  and he also enjoys going potty in public restrooms.  Gross I know but you gotta let that go for potty training, my options are sit on the potty or pee in your pants.  Saddle up partner thats what wipes are for!  His Potty Block filled up with stickers (on the piano) so we made him a poster.  So DAMN cute I can't stand it!

Attn: MOMMIES - When doing the cold turkey method don't plan any fun activities or outings....STAY HOME and they will potty train in a jiffy!  

Goooooooo Mommy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Meza's

Alex's 2nd Birthday Party

We have been so fortunate to have found Mabel and Tomas to watch Alex while we are at work. Words can not express how much they have helped us/me through the past almost year.  They have helped me with all my significant parenting issues: no routine, no naps, the special cup, deployment blues, late nights at work, potty training.  They treat Alex like family and I couldn't ask for more!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Potty Training....You Suck! But Mabel is always right!

So instead of retyping my insanity of a mindset after this weekend.  I will just cut and paste the portion of the email i sent to Patrick about how awesome our kid is!  No really...He is awesome!  

Lots of plans for the memorial day weekend - Security system install Sat + Sarah's Pool Party Sunday + 2 dad's Pool party Monday = a hard to potty training weekend.  I tried to talk myself up to tell Mabel I wasn't ready to start potty training since I have a HUGE June.  But Friday came and she was ready so i figured ready or not.  Typically for the cold turkey potty training method you stay home inside naked all weekend and just potty potty potty but HELLZ no it was memorial day and I was getting some sun!  So I just told myself that i would give the best effort i could and see how it goes. Plan of action "lets go potty" every 30 mins not ask "do you have to potty" then give a sticker for his potty block (piece of wood with  his name on it(i'll send a picture)).  well, Sat and Sunday were HELL no HELLLLLLLLLLLL.  Alex would scream like the potty was on fire and he hated big boy chonies(undies in Spanish).  20 min in the bathroom i would give up and go play and within 3 min he would pee in his chonies.  10 outfits and chonie changes later.  GRRRRRR.   Stickers are not a good bribe.  I promised Mabel i would try but clearly Alex didn't know what it felt like to have to pee.  By Sunday night at Chrissy's i was almost in tears and i just didn't want to force him anymore.  So the bed time diaper went on at like 7 rather than 8:30.  Alex and i got up at 7 as usual and he said "big chonies no diaper" and i almost cried and said NOOOOOOOO but i promised Mabel I would try. So big chonies it was.   HE DID AWESOME ALL DAY MONDAY!   He only had 1 accident at like 10 am at chrissy's then at 8pm when he was exhausted from swimming all day. EVERYTIME he had to Pee or poop (which is really rare) he told me "oh no gotta potty".  I am sooo proud of him. I can't believe i almost gave up on him, bad mom!  Today was Mabel and Tomas's turn so I was pumped.  Big boy Thomas chonies went on this morning and i packed 6 extra chonies and 4 shorts.  I told them all about the weekend and of course they had heard my story 10 times before with other parents and gave me a pep talk.  Went back at 5pm and guess what!  SAME Thomas chonies!  NO Accidents all day!  We even went to walmart tonight to grocery shop and he said mommy Potty!  WOW WOW WOW i can not believe it!   Patrick your little man is smart and amazing! Thank you for such a blessing!  We did good! Turns out a good high five and flushing the potty himself are the best reward system possible.  

So Stoked...its the simple things in life that mean the most.  I really wish Patrick was here to celebrate, enjoy and stress over these milestones but soon enough.