Saturday, February 28, 2009

First beach day 2009

Finally a beautiful San Diego Day, 80 and sunny!  We made the most of the weather and took the boys to the beach.  I was fully expecting to be chasing the boys and digging sand out of their mouths the whole day but we actually were able to lay out for a few hours while they played and we took turns baby wrangling!  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Brianna and I decided to share the sitting fee with our favorite photographer and have the boys 1st birthday pictures taken in a park rather than a studio session.  Guess who wasn't in a good mood again for having his pictures taken...ALEX JAMES!  Mary is a wonderful photographer so she still was able to get some great shots.  Below is the preview of our pictures, the rest will not be edited and available for a few weeks.  ENJOY!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

Patrick and I have never really celebrated V-day since our anniversaries have always been very close to that day.  (We met Feb 22, 2001 and got married March 4, 2006) But since we were apart it made me wish we did.  I got flowers from him in the morning and flowers from my lil boys in the afternoon (thanks mom) then went to dinner with Brianna and her family.  Alex and Joey looked so handsome, we are very lucky mama's.  

Our Valentines 
My other Valentine
Getting romance any way we can =)
Alex showing off his teeth

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alex 1 year appointment!

Alex went to his 1 year appointment on February 6th and he is still a tall skinny boy! 21 lbs 1.5 oz (25%) and is 30 1/2 inches (75%)


We found an awesome play gym in Carlsbad for kids of all ages but has a special section for 2 and under.  GREAT for rainy days!

Smartest idea ever...a giant fan!
Joey and Alex loving life
Alex not loving the slide
NOPE not a fan

369 Family Night Sock Hop

Even though the guys are gone....the Gunfighter families still get together for family days every few months.  This month was a Sock Hop and Alex had a great time!

LOVES Balloons
Dancing with the big kids
Got Cobras?

Alex's First Birthday Party

Our Baby Boys are 1

We had Alex's birthday party at our house Wednesday February 4th!  We had a great time and lots of friends came for the celebration.  We wish Daddy had been there but he kind of was =) Patrick sent an email the night before with a picture message for Alex so I printed out a few copies;  The first I put on the pillow next to Alex when he woke up he saw Daddy then one next to his high chair it was really nice but silly too!  THANK YOU everyone for coming and the awesome gifts, we hope you had a great time!

Good Morning Surprise
Decorations - Sports Party
Cell Phone pic for Daddy 
Lunch with Daddy
Alex and Joey with all the Presents
His own birthday cake!
All clean..playing with his new toys
All my wonderful friends that came!

Alex's Birthday Week

Everyone who knows me knows that I get very anxious when I have to entertain, so needless to say I was super nervous about having both of our Parents visiting for Alex's birthday week when I was by myself.  But...  

WE HAD A BLAST...who needs Patrick (jk babe)!  

Patrick's Parents flew in on Friday night, we went shopping for Alex's presents, went to Alex's first baseball game at UC San Diego and had lunch in La Jolla and saw a baby seal that was only a few hours old learning to fend off birds.  
Sunset at the Oceanside Pier
Scouting for the Riverbandits
Checking our the seals in La Jolla
Loves his new toys

My Parents flew in on Monday we enjoyed the beautiful San Diego Winter (75 and sunny) and went for Mexican for Alex and Joey's first Restaurant Birthday song =) 
New Ball Pit
Look close how Alex is sleeping on his Walk with Gman
Birthday Fiesta

Tuesday we had a BBQ & Bonfire at Stu and Sue's beach cottage....Sunsets, Steak Dinner, Chocolate Martini's, Smores and Stories....its hard to get better than that!*!*!*
This boy loves Sand
Beach message to Daddy
The best picture from the week
Best Friends
Sue and I
Mi Familia
The boys loved the bonfire
Such a fun night

Wednesday was Alex's First Birthday but there is a whole post dedicated to that...

Thursday we went to breakfast and shopping on base enjoyed the day and went to Kings Seafood for our Last meal together
Enjoying my last day with Help
Causing trouble for my Grandparents

Its was a fast and fun week with our AMAZING family but we wish Patrick was here to celebrate with us.