Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alex's First Birthday Party

Our Baby Boys are 1

We had Alex's birthday party at our house Wednesday February 4th!  We had a great time and lots of friends came for the celebration.  We wish Daddy had been there but he kind of was =) Patrick sent an email the night before with a picture message for Alex so I printed out a few copies;  The first I put on the pillow next to Alex when he woke up he saw Daddy then one next to his high chair it was really nice but silly too!  THANK YOU everyone for coming and the awesome gifts, we hope you had a great time!

Good Morning Surprise
Decorations - Sports Party
Cell Phone pic for Daddy 
Lunch with Daddy
Alex and Joey with all the Presents
His own birthday cake!
All clean..playing with his new toys
All my wonderful friends that came!

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