Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gunfighter Update

Family and Friends of HMLA-369,

We have quickly settled into our operational tempo and continue to support the Ground Combat Element despite low temperatures that would make a New Englander throw on an extra layer of clothing. While it has often been cold, it has thankfully not been wet. And hopefully, the wet and windy Iraqi winter will continue to be relatively mild.

The Gunfighters have established our ‘battle rhythm’ here in Al Asad and our two detachments at Korean Village and Sahl Sinjar. Your Gunfighters have started the New Year just like they finished last year: as consummate professionals. While the tactical situation has greatly improved from previous Squadron deployments over the past few years, the Squadron is busy “flying and fixing” from three different locations. The three locations vary greatly. However, we have been rotating the Gunfighters amongst the detachments and will continue to do so. Finally, the end of January was an exciting period here for the Iraqis. The first national Iraqi elections in three years could bring change here in Iraq just like our national elections this past November.

This past month has seen lots of changes, both in Iraq and at home. I’m sure there have been lots of rumors. I just want to assure you that nothing has changed with respect to our estimated return. Any official communication from me will come through the Mass Communication Tool (MCT) after I have talked with the Squadron. The spirits and morale remain high and all of the Gunfighters remain highly motivated at accomplishing the mission here in Al Asad and at our Detachments in support of Marines across western Iraq. I continue to be very impressed and proud to be a part of such a strong Squadron.

Thanks again for all the care packages and keep the mail coming. Please remember that with our move to Al Asad, the email addresses for your loved ones have changed as well (the generic email address is Take care and have a wonderful and safe February.

If there are immediate questions or concerns please feel free to call or e-mail Mrs. Barbara Greenbush who is our Remain Behind Family Readiness Officer. Her MAG-39 office phone number is (760) 725-8681. Her cell phone number is (760) 936-2994. And her e-mail is

Happy Valentine’s Day!

LtCol Zamagni

Commanding Officer


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