Monday, June 7, 2010

1 Week Diaper Free

Goooooooooo ALEX!!!!

We are 1 week daytime diaper free with only 3 accidents total(all of which were my fault)!  He hates putting on a diaper for nap and bedtime.  So excited,  Alex loves going potty "just like daddy,"  and he also enjoys going potty in public restrooms.  Gross I know but you gotta let that go for potty training, my options are sit on the potty or pee in your pants.  Saddle up partner thats what wipes are for!  His Potty Block filled up with stickers (on the piano) so we made him a poster.  So DAMN cute I can't stand it!

Attn: MOMMIES - When doing the cold turkey method don't plan any fun activities or outings....STAY HOME and they will potty train in a jiffy!  

Goooooooo Mommy!

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EPat said...

WAY TO GO J-ROCK! I'll be sure to write you for advice when I have to tackle this issue!