Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Its been a while but the first 6 months of 2010 tried to kill me so I have a good excuse right? The not so short version of the craziness is....

Lots of pre-deployment sadness and trips/ know how time flies when you don't want it to so April 27th came way to fast.

Yes I had my study materials since late January and should have used Patrick to help me while I read my books but I didn't so I had to fit in 6 months of studying into 2 months (see next post).  While including the below items to the craziness.

Patrick is a wonderful father/ husband but lets face it the man is a PUSH OVER....Alex whines for 10 seconds he is allowed out of his bed or gets his chocolate milk etc. etc.   Soooo I knew that I could not do any big boy transitions until he was gone because lets face it (sorry babe) it would have taken 3 times as long.  Why is this a big deal you are wondering?  Well any normal person would have looked at the stress in her life and said they can wait until after your test but not me, no I like to torture myself.

What did I do the day after Patrick left?  Changed Alex's bed into a big boy bed....WHAT?  Hello dummy, Alex is the worst at going to bed even in his crib and hardly ever sleeps through the night in his room.  Well no turning back, lots of bribes and toys later we have somewhat mastered the new bed time routine, he now goes to bed without a huge fight most nights.  And to my surprise he sleeps all night!

I knew Mabel was ready to start potty training with Alex and decided that Memorial day weekend would be a great opportunity to start boooo my first three day weekend and be stuck inside?  I think not. There are more details in an earlier post but it sucked too (no studying at all for a full week)....

Now that I passed my test, big boy is sleeping good and using the potty 100% of the time I have lots of time on my hands...what to do, what to do....its been 2 weeks since my test but I still haven't relaxed.  Just waiting on the Cali sunshine to come and some beach days...that should do it!

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