Monday, August 17, 2009


Before Patrick got home I worked hard to make sure Alex remembered him and knew that he was "Da." SUCCESS, every time we pointed to a picture of Patrick Alex would scream "Da." Lately we get a full "Daddy," all the grandparents are "Pa," Every toy and tv show has a name but nothing for me **tear**

Well we all are aware of my child's addiction to Milk and his cup we call "ba" so for a few months we have had to listen to "ba ba ba ba ba ba!" Don't get me wrong its awesome to hear Alex talk but when mixed with a whine its can make for a long day. About a month ago when looking at pictures on the computer he kept saying "Ba" when I was in the picture, next he said "Boon" when he saw the moon and his response to what does a cow say, "boo." Hey I think I am Ba, sweet I have a name =) This week I have graduated to a full "bobby," some might say oh no poor Alex has a speech impediment but don't worry when he wants something (his cup) bad enough he says "Mama baba." I love walking in the door and hearing "HI BOBBY", melts my heart.

Daddy Busters and Bobby

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