Thursday, August 20, 2009

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I have been looking for the "perfect" job since before Alex was born thinking I was going to go back to work when he was 6 months or so. Well 18 months later still no job....every time I got close to taking a job I would feel so bad about leaving Alex and missing things I decided to stay home. Well the time has come and I am ready! I am waiting to hear back from a job that sounds great really close to home....but to take it or not, I am afraid I am gonna get that guilty feeling because I am leaving him for selfish reasons and not because I have to.

On top of the guilt, I have to find a daycare or preschool that I like...haha ya right...Alex and I are on our own schedule which is no schedule, and the boy is addicted to his "ba." I kind of feel bad for whoever is going to try and get this boy on a napping and bottle schedule. I have been to a few preschool type daycare and they are teaching 18 month olds algebra, well not really but almost. I want Alex to stay a baby for a while, so if I do get and take this job he will be going to a home daycare.

Can you tell I am having a hard time?

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