Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's to 2009!!!!!

After Christmas, Alex and I headed to Richmond for the rest of our Vacation.  Its so fun to watch Alex and Lillie play together and picture what it will be like in the next few years when they are big enough to talk and really play.  So fun!  

I got to go out for New Years with India and her crew which was AWESOME.  It was nice to let loose and enjoy a night out with adults =)  

The part of the trip I had been dreading since I got there was the day Brandon was leaving for his workups and Iraq.  I broke my heart to watch another member of my family say goodbye to everyone and I relived November 2nd all over again.  I am so glad Alex got to spend some QT with Brandon before he left.  

Luckily that same day I got to see two of my favorite people in the world Matt-e and THE Weinstein (and their wonderful girlfriends).  
My other boyfriends
Alex's future Basketball coach...Matt-e
Alex, Evan and Brandon
Lindsey and Betsy
The rest of the time was spent watching the kids play, Alex take the ornaments off the tree, eating yummy food and one last night on the town with the girls!

TV and Christmas trees...his favorites
Cousins at bathtime
treat time with Grandma
Watching Daddy on the computer
Fighting for Grandpa's affection
Love Hate relationship with Tickle me Elmo
Getting smart watching Wheel of Fortune

The morning we were leaving I woke up with a terrible head cold but luckily Mom called from her cruise and told me where she kept her medicine now. It was a rough flight home for me but Alex slept every minute of the flight....THANK GOODNESS

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