Monday, January 26, 2009

Old friends...New Adventures

Who knew I could have a blast out in Manassas again even though I haven't lived there in forever. Its weird to go to all my favorite bars and not see a soul I knew or my age.  Walking into a bar and seeing all of my friends little siblings drinking made my stomach drop and I suddenly felt OLD =)  Heather, Penny and I painted the town red...well as red as you can paint Manassas.   I got to see some great friends from high school and college.  

My favorite time spent in Manassas was the night our WONDERFUL family friends, the Lynch's and Tamer's, came to meet Alex.   We have all been friends since preschool but as with most things time and distance keeps our get togethers few and far between.  We had a great night catching up on stories and our favorite youtube videos.  

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