Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alex's first hair cut

I decided that I couldn't wait until Patrick came home to take Alex to get his first hair cut, his cute old man curls turned into a full MULLET =)  India, Jamie, Candi and I went to every haircut place we saw today trying to walk right in because we didn't feel like waiting.  Finally we went to Great Clips in Oceanside.  It was sooo cute and fun, the lady gave us a card to put his first hair in and a balloon for Alex.  I was impressed how well he did with it, I only had to hold him still one time.  YEAH ALEX, MY BIG BOY!

Before picture of the mullet
Mullet from the back
Getting his hair cut
A balloon makes everything better
All done
Such a handsome boy!

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Debra said...

He sure IS a handsome boy!