Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Boy Sleeping

So as everyone probably knows, Alex has slept with us from day 1.  He went in spurts where he would sleep in his own bed for the beginning of the night but ALWAYS fell asleep in someone's arms or in his spot on the couch (just like daddy).  

Since we got home from VA for Christmas Bedtime has been getting later and later, its now 11pm.  Frustrated, I finally had the courage to sleep alone myself and knew that Alex needed to learn to fall asleep on his own so I read the book Healthy sleep habits, Happy Child and decided the sooner the better.  I tried the cry it out method a few months ago and he cried, no screamed, for 90+ minutes straight and lost his voice so i vowed never to do that to him again. Needless to say this time I was super nervous because the book and experts told me that it didn't matter if he screamed all night DO NOT GO IN.  I asked some friends for new bed time routine advise and gave it a try.  We take a bath, play and have our goodnight bottle watching tv, go in his room and read a few books, hugs, music and bedtime.  Much to my surprise Alex only cried for 15 min the first night and only 2 -3 min every night since AND he sleeps all night :)  I am very proud of both of us!  

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Debra said...

We are so proud of you, too. And I'm sure Patrick is, too!