Sunday, March 22, 2009

Run Richardson's Run

Brianna, Chrissy and I have been talking about running in an organized race since the guys left. Finally in February we bought running strollers and I have been running once every week or two weeks.  Two days before the race we decided we wanted to run in the St. Patrick's Day 4 miler in San Diego.  The day before we ran a quick 1 mile in my neighborhood and had a "runners" dinner.  I was NERVOUS because I have never run more than 2.3 miles at a time.  

The day of the race we of course got a late start but had a fun ride down.  After sitting in traffic and walking 2 miles to the start we missed the start of the 4 miler and the 10 K so we still don't know the exact time we ran it in.  All we do know for sure is that we kicked that 4 miles ASS =)  I was jamming to my ipod and passing people left and right.  Brianna finished in about 33ish min and I finished about 40 seconds after then Chrissy about 3 minutes after me.  

We did awesome and are already planning our next race in May across the Coronado Bay Bridge!
Right after we finished (on the wrong side of the sign)

All of us!
The 4 mile sign is in the back of this pics

After our race
The boys earned those medals and their milk!

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