Monday, November 17, 2008

New News!

Patrick has finally started flying over there and sent me some new pics. We are so proud of you Patrick!
Hover Taxi at sunrise
Patrick on the flight line
One of the offices
Patrick's room
Patrick flying in IraqThere is a website for the squadron that should be updated on a regular basis.
On that website there is a phone number that you can call for a message from the CO. (I am still looking for it)

Greetings From
The Commanding Officer
(from the newsletter)

Gunfighter Friends and Families,

Greetings from Iraq! Your Gunfighter has successfully made the transition from Camp Pendleton to Iraq. Getting over here was a rather painless evolution despite the multiple flights and bus rides. We have completed our turnover with our sister Squadron and as of today, November 15th, we now have the mission of providing attack and utility helicopter support to Marines and Coalition Forces in western Iraq.

Leading up to the turnover we celebrated the Marine Corps’ 233rd Birthday. Despite being forward deployed, we took the time to acknowledge our spirit de corps and legacy that has been and will continue to be what makes us proud to be called “Marine”.

The Gunfighter effort in the transfer was up to its professional reputation. The Marines and sailors in the Squadron are motivated to carry out their mission from various forward operating bases. Your Gunfighters are well trained for this mission and are ready to execute any assigned task. Extraordinary accomplishments will match their extraordinary efforts. The Gunfighters, regardless of whether they fly helicopters, fix helicopters or support those who do fly or fix, are a strong, professional, and cohesive Squadron. When you put all the parts together, the Gunfighter team is impressive to watch.

I also want to thank you for your support and efforts on the home front. We all know how important and difficult the task is that you have at home while your Marine or sailor is deployed. Your Gunfighter is able to focus on the mission at hand, when all is well at home. The (KVN) Key Volunteer Network and (FRO) Family Readiness Officer Barbara Greenbush are available to assist if you run into problems or need information and referral. Remember that we will be using the new form of communication the (MCT) Mass Communication Tool during this deployment. If you are on the MCT list, you will receive messages from me regarding the Squadron.

I am privileged and proud to be the Gunfighter Commanding Officer and to work alongside each and every Marine and sailor in this Squadron. Trust me when I say, “There are none better.”

Gunfighters Rule!

W.E. Zamagni Jr.

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