Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update of Patrick

This is the email we received from Patrick's CO (commanding officer):

Family and Friends of HMLA369,
Hello to the family and friends of HMLA-369. The squadron has finally arrived at our destination. After an 18 hour flight, with stops in Maine, Germany, and Kuwait, all is well and we are settling in here in Iraq. The Gunfighters are beginning their turnover with HMLA-367, so that they may return home to California.

Patrick hasn't started flying yet because they have to learn the ropes from the HMLA 367 pilots.  I am thankful that I have gotten to talk to Patrick everyday and also gotten emails as well.  I know that it will not be that way the whole time he is gone but I am thankful for the 3-10 mins that I get each day.  Once the 367 guys move out our guys will get to move in and get settled.  Patrick is on the night shift in Iraq which means he is working from noon to midnight my time.  The only Patrick has said about it so far is that its "weird."  When I talk to some of the other wives that's the same thing their husbands say too.  Once he starts flying he will have much more to talk about I am sure.  

Alex and I are doing good, we had a great first weekend with the girls =)  As you can see from the other posts.  Next we are excited to head to VA for Thanksgiving!  

Thanks again for everyone that has been writing, calling and thinking of our family during this time.  

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Debra said...

We are happy for you and Alex to get to be in VA for Thanksgiving. We will be in Atlanta, so won't get to see you. And it is great that you've been able to talk to Patrick every day so afar. Looks like you've had a fun week!