Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gunfighter Update

Family and Friends of HMLA-369,

Happy Holidays to all!

December has been a busy month for the Gunfighters. The main body of the Squadron has re-deployed from Al Taqqadum (TQ) to Al Asad (AA), Iraq. In just over two weeks from when we received the order to move, the Squadron accomplished the movement flawlessly all the while continuing to provide attack and utility helicopter support to the Ground Combat Element. The move resembled our deployment from Camp Pendleton to Iraq but more complicated. The Squadron had to maintain 100% mission capability throughout the duration of the move. The Operations Department put together a robust plan that ensured zero degradation of operational capability while the Logistics and Maintenance Departments put in long hours to ensure an efficient and safe move. Despite our new location within Iraq, our unit mailing address remains the same. All mail that was enroute to our old “home” is now with us at Al Asad.

The spirits and morale are high and all of the Marines and sailors remain highly motivated at accomplishing the mission from three different locations in Iraq. Gunfighter pilots and aircrew continue to fly like pros in professionally maintained helicopters. Our S-shop Marines are working hard at keeping the administrative side of the house on track. On Christmas, we plan to have all the Field Grade Officers and SNCOs serve food to the Gunfighters in our own expeditionary chow hall. This is a time honored tradition within the Marine Corps that allows the leadership to show their thanks and appreciation for the hard work of the Marines and sailors.

Mail is flowing and we are getting lots of packages from home. Mail and care packages are an instant morale boost for all those who receive them, particularly during the holiday season. Many companies and sponsored organizations have also sent care packages. With all this support from home, we have set up a “Walmart” as a central collection point for these packages. With the “Walmart” established, the Marines can come by as they please and stock up on toiletries, socks, hand warmers, etc… Thank you for all the care packages and keep the mail coming. Take care and have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

If there are immediate questions or concerns please feel free to call or e-mail Mrs. Barbara Greenbush who is our Remain Behind Family Readiness Officer. Her MAG-39 office phone number is (760) 725-8681. Her cell phone number is (760) 936-2994. And her e-mail is barbara.greenbush.ctr@usmc.mil.

Thank you for your support of the Gunfighters!
LtCol Zamagni
Commanding Officer

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