Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in Virginia

Alex and I spent 10 awesome days in Virginia for Thanksgiving. Our flight to Dulles was great, Alex slept for 3.5 of the 4.5 hours of the flight and of course was starving when he woke up so I fed him and as the wheels touched down I had my first public embarrassing mom moment when 3 days worth of food came pouring out of Alex's mouth all over me and the plane. Luckily there were lots of women around me throwing tissues and rags at me to get cleaned up. But once I got in the car with my family I was able to relax. I didn't realize that I am as stressed as I am being alone in Cali so I loved all the help. Alex loved Heathers dog Dylan and they kept Grandma busy the whole time we were there.

Alex and I left for Hillsville on Wednesday picking India and Candice up in Richmond on the way. Its a much nicer drive when you have company.  It was a fast trip but we got a lot of pictures in those 48 hours.  It was very important to me to have Alex spend time with Brandon because he will be leaving for Iraq in March for 12 months (when did we become a military family?) Lucky for us this was the best hunting season since I met the Richardsons (yes I know I have turned into a redneck). I say its because Stu gave Patrick his (not so) good luck charm, soon as he got rid of it he killed the biggest deer of his life.  So Grandpa, Brandon, Stu and Bradley all killed deer this year then Brandon got another HUGE one Thanksgiving night!  

Its funny because last Thanksgiving we were talking about how crazy Thanksgiving 2008 will be with two babies running around...and boy were they.  Lillie and Alex are so cute together but Lillie did teach my sweet boy two bad habits.  SCREAMING and OPENING Cabinets.  We all got to talk to Patrick the night before Thanksgiving which was a great surprise.  Thanksgiving just wasn't the same without him.  

Alex had his share of mashed potatos and turkey but didn't seem as excited for his First Thanksgiving as me =)

Saturday morning I made it back to Manassas just in time to head to Osbourn (my high school) to watch them play Varina (Patrick's high school) in the state tournament.  I didn't have high hopes for OHS but we came out and crushed them in the second half and it was awesome....I can't wait to see the Richardsons and do my old OHS cheers. =) It was the perfect game to take Alex to for his first sporting event ever!!!! Go EAGLES!

The rest of the trip was spent shopping, eating, spending time with my family, taking Alex to see Santa (more in the next blog), and celebrating Heathers 28th birthday.  What an awesome trip....

When I got home I went to get Peterman from camp and he was so happy to see us.  Karen said that she is going to have to buy her husband a foot warmer for the bed because he loved having Pete there.  19 days home then we go back for Christmas!

We have so much to be thankful for at this time in our life.  To my Family and Friends words can not express how much you mean to me. 

 To the love of my life....your my hero, be safe & come home soon.     

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