Thursday, December 4, 2008

One month down....six to go!

Well we made it to the one month mark of Patrick being gone.  It is very bittersweet because I am so excited it went by so "fast" but also devastated that it hasn't gone by faster. far so good.  I just can't say how thankful I am for the wonderful friends I have out here in California as well as our amazing families back home that support us from far away,  Alex and I are very lucky.  We are so proud of you Patrick and can't wait until you are home with us soon.  

So far in the first month I have fixed the garbage disposal all by myself, figured our the gas problem on the stove, and cooked my first turkey.  I am very proud that I have been as strong and resourceful as I have been because I was terrified to be alone.  

We have two trips to VA planned for the holidays and that should speed up the next two months of the deployment!  

Gobble Gobble

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Debra said...

We're proud of you, too, being resourceful during Patrick's absence. You go, girl!