Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving message from the CO

Family and Friends of HMLA-369,

Greetings again to the family and friends of HMLA-369. Happy Thanksgiving from the Gunfighters. Thanksgiving is like most other Thursdays here in Iraq except for some better food in the chow halls and more importantly connecting with our loved ones back home. The Gunfighters have been executing our mission now for 2 weeks and we are currently working out of three locations throughout western Iraq. The spirits and morale are high and all of the Marines and sailors remain highly motivated at accomplishing the mission. Our Maintenance Marines continue to fix our helicopters in a timey and professional manner and our S-shop Marines, are working hard at keeping the administrative side of the house on track. We will take time out Thursday to have some turkey and watch some football while completing our missions in support of the ground combat element. Mail is flowing and we are getting a lot of packages from home. Mail and care packages are an instant morale boost for all those who receive them, particularly during the holiday season. Support your Gunfighter. Keep the mail and care packages coming. Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thank you

LtCol Zamagni

Commanding Officer


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